Halle Berry’s Gabriel Can’t See Kid

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Gabriel Abury’s bad luck held out today as he got squashed again, this time in the court. Gabriel had hoped to get his restraining order lifted, but the Judge refused according to TMZ. Originally he had hoped to get it lifted on the 28th but now looks more likely on the 29th.

In another twist Gabriel has referred to Halle Berry as being his ex-wife in court. The information came out in the open according to Extra after he submitted court documents on Monday. This could well be an attempt to rub salt into the wounds, as the relations between him, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez look set to sour further. See the full story at here.

This all comes days after a vicious assault that left Gabriel hospitalized. Both Gabriel and Olivier are pointing the fingers of blame at each other.

Meanwhile Christmas is coming, and it should be one to remember, for the Berry bunch.

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Dating Tips For Men

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About The Woman – Dating and Relationships

What do you want from a relationship?

Most of us are defined by our lifestyle, friends and all the other things we like to do.  So you’re a single man, she’s a single woman but would you be willing to change a little for a new love prospect? It’s impossible to have your cake and eat it, so what compromises are you willing to make? Remember when you have your first couple of dates everyone’s going to be on their best behavior, and a woman may tolerate the horrible shirt you’re wearing, or even the bar you’re meeting your buddies at. But once you’ve decided it’s a relationship you want to be in, it’s probably time to figure out what you both want. Problems come in a relationships when people are unwilling to change, or unwilling to communicate about their needs clearly.

Be yourself

A woman’s either going to like you or she’s not, so just be yourself. If you’re trying to be somebody you’re not then it’s pretty damn difficult to look genuine. The truth is, most of us are funny enough, smart enough and we already have our own set of individual advantages. So give yourself a chance to let them shine. Be attentive, listen to your date, find out more about them, try to make them smile, and feel comfortable. Remember the reason you’re there is for them, not for the red wine, or because the bar has pay per view. It’s also good idea to leave the tech gadgets behind too. A girl may like your new iPhone 5, but it doesn’t mean a woman wants to see you playing with your apps, or tweeting to your mates about your date. It’s okay to be a geek, geeks are cool now, just be attentive.

Flirting is good

If the date is going badly you’re not going to have to worry about this, because you will know it! But as long as you’re getting on well, and you’re feeling pretty comfortable then why not test the water? I’m not suggesting that you swing your arm around the woman’s shoulders and start grinding hip. I’m talking subtle things, like touching her arm, or standing near her. If your date looks like she’s going to have kittens, or flinches then it’s probably way too early, or worse the attraction is not there. However, if none of these things happen it’s certainly a good clue that things are going as planned.

What if you’re not feeling it?

It happens, attraction is not always mutual by any stretch of the imagination.  If you’re not feeling the attraction, then don’t worry carry on with the date, and have a good time. It never hurts to make a new friend. However to give the wrong signals back to a woman would be unfair, I think we’ve all experienced that one.

Bad Vibes

Listen to your instinct if your “spider sense is tingling” try to end the date at the first polite opportunity. However you might feel, don’t run for the fire exit, or leaving the woman clutching the bill, while you’re climb through the men’s room window. Listen to your instincts, life’s tough enough already without jumping on the crazy train.

Put yourself in the woman’s shoes

You’re not digging it, she’s jumping into the cab and then you lie “I’ll call you!” If she senses the dates not gone well, you’re going to look like a real jerk. If she likes you, you’re going to be feeding a woman false hope and that’s never nice.

Confidence is the key

here’s a huge difference between my obnoxiously arrogant and confident. Women dislike arrogance, but they thrive on confidence. Practice does make perfect, and dating is no exception. My suggestion is that you talk to, or grab a coffee with a as many a woman as you can (mums don’t count). The lucky ladies might be friends or colleagues, it really doesn’t matter. The point is to get out there! Get back into the cut and thrust, it’s especially important if you’re painfully shy. Women like a man who can make eye contact, make decisions and men who are able to talk confidently on different topics. Although it might be an idea to avoid sounding like an expert on playing online games – I’ve met a lot of cool women but none were that cool.

Lack of eye contact is a big one, as is missing physical queues. This or misinterpreting body language can be disastrous in a date. Sometimes it’s as plain as your face, that a woman is interested. But if you’re too shy to return the attention, or you just don’t read it right, you could be missing your chance.

Something else to think about, you’ve had a few dates but you’re still not sure. Then why not introduce her to one of your female friends (again mums don’t count). This way, she can chat woman to woman and perhaps you can get some valuable feedback.

Places you know

It can be very interesting to introduce a date to a nice place you know, but a place they might not. You can use this to your advantage. Let’s face it, the timing of dates is not always synced with when we have lots of cash. The economy is hard everywhere right now, and the job market outright sucks. So why not choose a place where you know the prices are reasonable. It’s the worst feeling in the world to be afraid of what the bill is going to look like. At the end of the day, if you’re happy and relaxed the date will go better. Although KFC is never a good idea unless you’re in high school, just apply some common sense.

The truth is most women are looking for a good, kind guy, who’s genuinely interested in them. Despite movies and what most men think, fast cars, yachts, and diamond rings are not always what women want. There’s a beautiful woman out there for all of us, we just have to look around a bit sometimes.

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Blog U Like 3 Days – Nominations Trickling In

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“Blog U Like” is attracting attention from all the curious people that find themselves flicking through Aboutthewoman. But if you want to be heard, or get your say in, then now is the time to do it.

The chosen blog is not restricted to any topic, but it does have to be nominated by one of the Aboutthewoman readers. On Saturday I will do a little feature about the selected blog.

Keep them coming!

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Its 2012’s Dictionary Words of The Year Time!

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About The Woman – woty

It’s that time of the year again, when dictionaries list all their favorite words and choose their “words of the year” (WOTY). So what are the words? For dictionary.com it’s  “Bluster”, for Oxford dictionaries UK it’s “onmnishambles”, and for the US Oxford dictionaries it’s “GIF”.

Why are they different?

That’s good question a good question, and I have a semi good answer. Dictionary.com is the largest online diction on the web, and has been around since 1995. The rise of the online dictionary has been in incredible over last the decade. During that time these sites have collected lots of information from their web searches. The success is down to people like me, who are just curious about meanings, uses, definitions and spelling. Although I feel it’s important to point out, I’m more than likely responsible for half the global English spelling and grammar searches on the net. Yes my spelling and grammar is that bad!

Dictionary.com according to an interview on Huffington Post, said one reason for choosing Bluster was they liked the added dimension of weather in its meaning (as in a “Blustery day”). Experts were also consulted on the selection. Another element was the number of word enquiries for Bluster. Apparently events that might have led to the increased searches for Bluster were: bad weather, and politicians. But I think we already knew politicians were full of it, by that I mean hot air and potentially harmful, very smelly gases. Other “hot” weather words included: Tempestuous, Inclement, Intemperate and Contumacious.

US Oxford & English Oxford dictionary choose different WOTY, due to the obvious differences in language use, and popular culture. According to blog.oxforddictionaries.com USA’s runner up list included the words: Superstorm, Nomophobia, Higgs boson, YOLO, MOOC and Super PAC.

Do you agree?

I’m not sure I do. Like most people I read a lot, and write more than my fair share. But I’ve never used “YOLO”, “MOOC”, super PAC or Nomophobia, I’ve never heard of a few. Why do they always seem to choose obscure things, “bluster” I get! Although I have to admit “nomophobia”, is quickly growing on me, I mean it slides of the tongue so naturally – “how’s the nomophobia thing going Bob?”

There’s no reason to feel bad if you don’t use any of these words. While writing this article I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one having problems. “Microsoft take note” – your word software doesn’t recognize: Superstorm, Nomophobia or onmnishambles. Come on Microsoft get with the times, you’re not cool!

Fun Facts

Firstly I have no idea why they Choose to release the WOTY this time of the year – perhaps it’s a pre-Christmas gift, meant to inspire us for shopping.

Nomophobia – fear of being without your phone.

Onmnishambles – a situation that’s been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations.

YOLO – you only live once; typically used as rationale or endorsement for impulsive or irresponsible behavior.

Super Pac – political action committee which may raises unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, and individuals but is not permitted to contribute to or coordinate directly with parties or candidates – (It was on the tip of my tongue honestly!).

MOOC – massive open online course; a university course offered free of charge via the internet.

Why I love online dictionaries?

Firstly I move around a lot, and suitcases of books are heavy! Secondly I love writing but being dyslexic is a real pain in the ass, so I find dictionaries awesome for my needs. And while we are on the topic, I feel the need to confess that I’ve spelt the word obvious wrong 5 times and particularly 3 times. It’s a gift and a curse!

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Halle Berry’s Men Make War Not Love

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Halle Berry’s love rival’s face off again, this time it’s a battle of words (luckily for Gaberiel). The news has broke and the pictures are out! Just in case you haven’t seen the photos, the confrontation has left Gaberiel Aubry looking like “Mr Potato Head”, meanwhile Oliver Martinez’s left hand is possibly disfigured for life, with a badly swollen left knuckle. In a haggard photo of Halle Berry she is seen leaving the hospital on Thursday, with poor Oliver Martinez’s rubbng the offending Knuckle – See Daily mail. In a tit for tat media, legal spat, both Aubry and Martinez have made public statements, leading to one set of lawyers getting a restraining order.

First of all I would like to congratulate both parties on making front page news again! And secondly for leaving a trail of lovely photos behind them. Just so that we can witness and know how retarded they really are. Although in Gaberiel’s defense he did try to hide under a shiny, fluffy blanket (I call it a comforter), after being charged with “battery over a brawl”. However the clever paparazzi saw past the ruse (rather ironically a French word) and took lots of photos of him hiding under the said comfortable looking blanket.

Allegedly it all kicked off when one party said “we are going to France to live” (understandably), along with a string of threats from the other. It’s hard to follow what really happened because according to TMZ, some of the later details were not included in the arresting statement by Aubrey

There are two nuggets of good news from this debacle. The most important, Nahla was saved from seeing the punch up, which allegdy led to her father being pounded into the drive way. The second is I had a very easy choice on what to write when I woke up this morning.

I wonder how Halle Berry is going to explain away the bruises, which are covering her daughter’s father from head to foot. But there again she is an actress. The whole story by the way has the makings of a Halle Berry film.

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Blog U Like – Tell Me About Them

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About The Woman – lot of people

WordPress is just too big! The topics are almost as diverse, as the bloggers themselves. I would like to get to know more bloggers, and more blogs. The thing is where do I start?

So if you have a favorite blogger or blog (on wordpress), then throw us the name by leaving a comment or by emailing me at aboutthewoman@gmail. At the end of the week, I’ll nominate a blogger for our “blog u like” post on Saturday.

The “blog u like”, it’s up to you!

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3 Women’s Health Risks Men Should Know

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About The Woman – Women’s Health Risks

Autoimmune diseases

I was very surprised to find out that this category of illness (Autoimmune diseases) was a particularly diverse one, there are over 80 different kinds (lupus included). Individually they are statistically uncommon, but as a group they are the 4th largest cause of disability in American women. Diabetes also belongs to this group, but as most of us know it’s fairly common.

Autoimmune diseases according to the Department of HHS (Health and Human Services) also includes type 1 diabetes because the whole category of disease attacks the body. Autoimmune diseases are still not very well understood in comparison to some other common health risks. The symptoms can be difficult to pinpoint, which can make diagnosis hard.

Heart Disease

This one of the leading killers for both men and women. It kills more men than women, but it often goes undiagnosed in women. In women its responsible for about 29% of deaths (says, CDC). It’s very widespread and people from all walks of life are affected by it in one way or another. Women in politics such as Hilary Clinton have been touched by it. Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian have recently joined a campaign to raise awareness. It’s wonder that International Women’s Day hasn’t done more to raise awareness of anyone of these health risks.

People often assume the symptoms of heart disease are chest pains, and that can be. However there are milder ones too, ranging from an ache in the shoulder or jaw, shortness of breath to nausea.


There’s a whole list of risk factors associated with the disease. The common ones are familiar to us, such as smoking, blood pressure, heredity risks and cholesterol. Weight and diabetes are other important factors, but perhaps the most surprising maybe “ethnic group. “Just like males are more likely to have heart disease, statistically so are some ethnic groups.

According to the CDC you can reduce your chances of heart disease significantly by modifying your lifestyle, that involves makes changes to your diet and exercise.

Breast Cancer

This is a common health risk, and the most common kind of cancer for women next to lung cancer. Some experts suggest although the risks are significant, there’s still a lot of confusion over what to do, or even how to check yourself.

It’s important to educate yourself and not to leave it all down to fear.  There are a lot of options in terms of the treatment, so don’t always assume the worst case scenario – check with your doctor for more information.


Genes play a huge role in terms of mutation in a woman’s body,  as well as family history and ethnic background. Other factors may include, not having children, early menstruation and too much alcohol.

Final Thought

This is About The Woman’s first post on women health issues, so to be honest I had to do quite a bit of research. I think that all of these health issues deserve a lot more attention than they are currently receiving. Although a lot of great work has been done, there’s more to do and I find it slightly odd that organizations like International Women’s Day for example have chosen to focus on other issues rather than specifically women’s health.

(Please note I’m not a medical expert, this is merely a very rough guide and not medical advice)

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McHale’s Daughter Loses Fight For Life

About The Woman - sad loss of Alexandra ''Sasha'' McHale

The Rockets, Huston Texas are in mourning after the sad news of yet another high profile death in the media. My condolences to Kevin Mchale on the loss of his daughter – Alexander Sasha Mchale who just 23 years old. She finally succumb to the disease “Lupus”. Kevin Mchale , is understandably taking leave from his position,nd it’s still unclear when he will return to the Houston Rockets. The owner of the Rockets has expressed sadness and both support for the family of Alexander Mchale.

What exactly is Lupus?

Under the circumstances I wanted to check this up, as I have only heard of the disease in vague reference before. You might already konw what it is but it’s a terrible “autoimmune disease”. The affects of the disease can obviously be devastating. Lupus which is also called Systemic Lupus Eerythematosus (SLE) can affect any part of the body. The condition often attacks organs, such as the kidney, brain, liver, as well as joints and the blood. The problem starts when the body creates anitbodies that end up attacking its own immune system, normally the body does this against antigens (foreign matter in the body).

How Common is it?

The disease itself is not that common, but it belongs to a group of autoimmune diseases that number over 80. As a group it is fairly common and it also includes, diabetes which is now a very prevalent condition in many developing countries.

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Gangnam Style “Oppa”….

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About The Woman – Psy & his dancers

What’s it all about? A big part of the song is Korean for starters so some of it would be difficult to figure out. It would be even more difficult to work out how the thing went viral in the first place, if you could do that and bottle it we’d all be living in Gangnam dancing in rainbow colored clothes.

If all the media attention from TV wasn’t enough, It’s now become Youtube’s most viewed video. It’s infectious jigging music, addictive beat and lyrics – it’s very understandable why it’s gone totally mental. But what’s it all about? First off, Gangnam is the richest district in Seoul, it means south of the river. In fact if you stand on one side of the Han river, you can see Gangnam that’s where 1 percent of the city’s population live.  From that position you can see the difference, the buildings are shinier, more beautiful and even the pedestrian walk ways looks nicer. It’s basically where the rich guys live who apparently like horses, bright clothes, hot women and who are extremely bow legged.

The rest of Seoul have a funny relationship with Gangnamer’s, they are seen as monopolizing the best schools and real estate. So PSY (the chubby dancer, singer) in a very tongue and cheek way is poking fun at the status quo. He attributed his success not to his physical prowess, or appearance but to his own heart and soul. Although he well known as being a good dancer in his own right. In the video he can been seen strutting his jigging horse style dance all over the place, even with a wild woman on the Korean metro.

The video also reflects other aspects of Korean culture, tattooed guys, which are still said rule the criminal world and actually flaunt they extensive tattoos in the sauna. People often give a guy with tattoos a wide birth in Korean.

The use of “oppa” is also an interesting one, on face value it just means older brother and is normally used by a Korean woman, or child. However in reality it can reflect different kinds of relationships than just that. The Korean language is jammed packed full of respectful language for all kinds of social situations, and reflects status. “Oppa” could mean older brother (respectfully), but it’s often used by girls who have older boyfriends, sugar daddies or even other kinds of naughtier relationships.

Dating tips from Gangnam Style

PSY on the face of things might not be a woman’s first choice. In the video he dresses like a rich country bumpkin with no class, or somebody who’s extremely socially awkward but with stacks of cash. He’s very much modeled on a kind Jim Carrey type figure, who’s goofy but got bundles of heart and soul. In his own words his goal is to “dress classey, but dance cheesy”.

If the success is anything to go by and if you want to be hit with the girls and end up dancing woman to woman all over the place – take some notes from “Gangnam Style.”

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Bobby Ewing – “I’m Larry Hagman”

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About The Woman – Duffy & Hagman, Dallas

A salute to one of USA’s biggest TV stars – Larry Hagman. The character that Larry Hagman played of course was J.R. Ewing, the TV villain everyone loved to hate. Dallas of course was well before my time, as I’m way too young! But to those of you that can remember the first time around and to the young guys like me (really!) who’ve seen the reruns Larry Hagman will always be a star!

There’s already been many accolades pouring in from the media, friends, family and his fellow cast memebers, on his life, persona and work. But I would like to celebrate his life in a different way. Through a story I once heard about him, which was actually one of the funniest celeb stories I’ve ever heard.

It was years ago back in the days when I actually watched TV, a long time before I became addicted to the internet. At the time I was probably bored because I was flicking through the channels like a man with a nervous tick, when I saw Patrick Duffy, he walking onto a talk show. Firstly I was struck at how damn good he was aging (still a woman’s heart throb), secondly by how chilled out and genuinely funny he was. The host was going through the normal questions, and somehow they got onto the topic of stories. It went something like this…

Patrick Duffy was walking down a corridor in some studio or something. He’d just left his dressing room and he suddenly had the urge to relieve himself. Larry Hagman’s dressing room was nearby, but then he spied a toilet for the physically impaired – which was not being used. If I’m being totally honest, in an emergency I have done the exactly same thing. So here he is, he pops into the toilet closes the door and does his business, when there’s a loud rapping sound on the door. The guy outside was righteously angry because he had a damn good idea that the user (Duffy) was not let say, a “priority user” for that facility. Apparently there was a lot of cursing from the other side of the door. Duffy comes out, and there’s an angry old man outside. In my mind’s eye I can just picture this, because Duffy is a tall a chappy and pretty famous, but the old man was totally unphased and still pretty cheesed off! So he rants and threatens to report Duffy or something similar. The guy looks at Duffy vehemently and demands, “what’s your name!” Duffy thinks about it for a moment, and says “Larry Hagman” and walks off.

Of course Duffy and Hagman, were the best of friends from the very first moment they shook hands, which makes the story all the better. Luckily for us Hagman has left us with a fantastic body of work, which we can continue to enjoy.