Gangnam Style “Oppa”….

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About The Woman – Psy & his dancers

What’s it all about? A big part of the song is Korean for starters so some of it would be difficult to figure out. It would be even more difficult to work out how the thing went viral in the first place, if you could do that and bottle it we’d all be living in Gangnam dancing in rainbow colored clothes.

If all the media attention from TV wasn’t enough, It’s now become Youtube’s most viewed video. It’s infectious jigging music, addictive beat and lyrics – it’s very understandable why it’s gone totally mental. But what’s it all about? First off, Gangnam is the richest district in Seoul, it means south of the river. In fact if you stand on one side of the Han river, you can see Gangnam that’s where 1 percent of the city’s population live.  From that position you can see the difference, the buildings are shinier, more beautiful and even the pedestrian walk ways looks nicer. It’s basically where the rich guys live who apparently like horses, bright clothes, hot women and who are extremely bow legged.

The rest of Seoul have a funny relationship with Gangnamer’s, they are seen as monopolizing the best schools and real estate. So PSY (the chubby dancer, singer) in a very tongue and cheek way is poking fun at the status quo. He attributed his success not to his physical prowess, or appearance but to his own heart and soul. Although he well known as being a good dancer in his own right. In the video he can been seen strutting his jigging horse style dance all over the place, even with a wild woman on the Korean metro.

The video also reflects other aspects of Korean culture, tattooed guys, which are still said rule the criminal world and actually flaunt they extensive tattoos in the sauna. People often give a guy with tattoos a wide birth in Korean.

The use of “oppa” is also an interesting one, on face value it just means older brother and is normally used by a Korean woman, or child. However in reality it can reflect different kinds of relationships than just that. The Korean language is jammed packed full of respectful language for all kinds of social situations, and reflects status. “Oppa” could mean older brother (respectfully), but it’s often used by girls who have older boyfriends, sugar daddies or even other kinds of naughtier relationships.

Dating tips from Gangnam Style

PSY on the face of things might not be a woman’s first choice. In the video he dresses like a rich country bumpkin with no class, or somebody who’s extremely socially awkward but with stacks of cash. He’s very much modeled on a kind Jim Carrey type figure, who’s goofy but got bundles of heart and soul. In his own words his goal is to “dress classey, but dance cheesy”.

If the success is anything to go by and if you want to be hit with the girls and end up dancing woman to woman all over the place – take some notes from “Gangnam Style.”

About The Woman

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