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About The Woman – lot of people

WordPress is just too big! The topics are almost as diverse, as the bloggers themselves. I would like to get to know more bloggers, and more blogs. The thing is where do I start?

So if you have a favorite blogger or blog (on wordpress), then throw us the name by leaving a comment or by emailing me at aboutthewoman@gmail. At the end of the week, I’ll nominate a blogger for our “blog u like” post on Saturday.

The “blog u like”, it’s up to you!

About The Woman

2 thoughts on “Blog U Like – Tell Me About Them

  1. You’re so right. It’s a big world out here. And hard to make connections. I never know why people like my blogs. It’s a mystery to me how they find them but I appreciate your liking my blog post. And in the interests of self promotion I’ll nominate myself and my other site Naked Nerves. Go to my profile and you’ll find it there. Hope it’s something you’ll like. It’s way different than gardening tho they do have an overlap there.
    Good luck in your searches,

    • Hi Steve, I checked out your other site “naked nerves”. When I started this blog I really wasn’t prepared for the number of bloggers who trying to highlight different issues of health and mind, I can now understand why gardening is a big passion of yours. Anybody reading this comment please check steves on living with bipolar. Thanks for that steve!

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