Blog U Like Winner!

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Blog U Like winner!

Thanks everyone for your great nominations for About The Woman’s my Blog U Like weekly spot.

Drum rolls, key sound effect… it was a great first week, winner of my Blog U Like is:

Cristian Mihai– Writes largely about writing itself but covers a wide area. My personal favorite post has to be 7 Golden Rules of Blogging – which I obviously read, I mean who doesn’t need a bit of advice for blogging. His blog attracts a lot of attention from readers and very enviable degree of reader input. I think we could learn something from Cristian.

To find out which of Cristian’s posts is your favorite check out the blog aptly named Cristian Mihai. I will try to follow up with a little interview, time allowing of course – Cristian does seem to be super busy.

Special thanks

I would like to finish of with a thanks to steven1111 for his nomination, which was actually my first. It takes a certain amount of courage to offer your thoughts to a new blog.

Watch out for this week’s Blog U Like I look forward to your input.

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