Name: Sherrah

Nationality: Like to think I’m a net-citizen, but if I were ever stuck in a 3’rd world country with a dictator’s jailer asking me questions, I’d probably ask for British consular assistance.

Age: I’m old enough for that question to bother me.

Likes: Writing, people, traveling, reading and of course women. I have little choice because I grew up in a house full of them.

Hates: It’s not really a hate, but I don’t really enjoy being dyslexic. It’s a bit of a bugger if you like writing. Besides that I’m not fond of “naysayers” the world has too many of them.

Heroes: Darth Vader, Genghis Khan and Gandalf – because I think they were all secretly dyslexic and they didn’t let it hold them back! But my favorite person by far is my Son.

Favorite Joke: ——->

Me: Did you ever hear about the dyslexic devil worshiper?

You: No.

Me: He sold his soul to Santa!

                                It’s a lot funnier when it actually happens to you 🙂

Okay that’s it for now, I’m sure you have found my profile extremely unhelpful, but that’s life. Hopefully I can fill in the large blanks of missing information as we go on this journey together.  So now that you are semi convinced that your not dealing with a robot, or a faceless multinational  corporation hell bent on global conquest, I will sign off.

By the way, don’t be too annoyed if you see the odd mistake. If you do, please refer to the Santa Joke!



55 thoughts on “Me

  1. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. I appreciated your explanation of the Korean song. I didn’t really know much about it other than it was the number one viewed song on You tube. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Happy holidays.

  2. thankyou for liking my blog. Have a lookat essay on addictivness on the paulgraham,website also a very goodessay on stuff thought you might like.

    • Thanks for getting back to me, your very welcome its always a pleasure to wander around wordpress checking out people’s blogs now and again you find some real gems. “I will be back” – to read more of your work. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Thanks for liking my latest post on my blog. I have read through yours also and especially enjoyed your take on the Lance Armstrong story. We really do have to have a good look at ourselves and how hurtful and destructive it is to lie. Good luck with it all – I will now sign up as a follower 🙂

    • Thank you very much Katzrambles, it was an interesting subject, people do point the finger a bit to much sometimes. I’m very happy to have seen you comment and blog, look forward to reading more soon ^^

  4. OK Sierra, (partial dyslexic)…

    Very intelligent and funny. I needed to know more “About The Women”, before, I met my current wife!.

    She is ten years younger, and went from a kitten to a lioness a out one year after marriage….but not in the way that many men might secretly wish their wives might!

    Sadly, the way its going, I,ll be sure to pick from the mature litter next round!

    (But maybe not so much with cougar picking)

    • I really like you comment, but don’t what to say ^^ but I’m sure you’re much the wiser for the experience and if you come across a cougar again maybe you will choose the right one hehe

  5. Thank you Sherrah, I really appreciate you visiting my new blog and liking my post! I hope you found it interesting and will visit again as I post more. Your blog is so interesting and I love the santa joke!

  6. Hey Sherrah- thanks for popping onto my blog- I like your profile- you seem as bewildered as the rest of us, and as you will know, there’s nothing like Bewilderforce. Keep cool. Dyslexics of the world- Untie!

    • I used to think I was just plain slow… so it was nice to find out I actually am dyslexic ^^ but all silliness aside some people are profoundly dyslexic and that’s a real tuff deal.

      Thanks for popping by, I tried to take a peek at your blog, but wasn’t loading up. I will try again later I’m interested to see what you’re cooking up there ^^

    • Thanks for popping by, I seem to be getting lots of nice words today from fellow wordpressers ^^ actually not been blogging that long, and still trying to find that writing voice… takes time to get it I hope. Although straight and honest is the direction I’m aiming for. I also swung by your blog for a little peek. I commented

      “You captured my interest long before i saw the beautiful pics, the word chocolate is one of my favorite words ^^ it’s a good post I haven’t heard about this anywhere else, is it in Harbour City? I also live around Hong Kong ^^”

      Keep up the good work and chat again soon!

    • Hi Marijane, thank you very much for your kind words – just what I wanted to hear this morning ^^ a nice little pick me up to go with my green tea.

      I also checked out your blog, you write well and the whole blog is very sincere and straight from the heart. So I commend you for that, it’s not as easy to be honest in a public domain as people might think. Look forward to chatting and reading again ^^

    • I’m not sure whether my reply had gone thru. Anway, just wanted to confirm that the Chocolate sculpture is indeed in Harbour City, until Feb 24. I’m only in HK for a short stay-over to see my granny and on route to the Tokyo Marathon (and a 21 days Japan Odyssey) this Sunday. I’m a complete newbie to blogging so a long way to go still – but then again, learning is part of the fun process. Definitely will catch up with you… Cheers!

      • I got it! I might even check that one out, it’s pretty cool. Good luck with the rest of your trip too and keep in touch about your blogging would be interested in seeing how that’s going for you.


  7. Hi Sherrah, thanks for liking my blog post. I’ve only recently started to blog again, so I’m happy to know that someone is reading my posts and liking them. Cheers!

  8. I too am dislexic and have definatly felt it weight on my shoulders at times, mainly from those who dont understand it. Fuck um. If you have already , you should watch “the big picture: rethinking dislexia”. It brought things into focus for me that I didnt even realize had to do with our common ability.

  9. Let me start by saying I hate my phone, I just wrote you a msg which it chose to delete. I too am dyslexic and recommend watching, The big pictire:rethinking dyslexia, it helped me understand myself better and really brought things into perspective. Have fun writing and ignore those picky punks.

    • Thanks, it’s always nice to meet someone else who’s coping with dyslexia. I will check that out, any idea where I might be able to watch it? By the way technology always stabs me in the back when I’m passionately trying to express something – although not sure that’s just us ^^. Not sure if something is up with wordpress today, but tried linking to your blog but with no luck. Hope to have a peek next time.

    • It’s my best dyslexic joke, Number 2 would be a pimp who bought a wharehouse. Think I mentioned that somewhere already ^^

      I had to take another look at your blog, I honestly found the post about “the soldiers leave”, and the photo of that pretty lady very powerful. It really made me think about somethings in my past. Damn life is so short.

      Please come back again, I’m happy you enjoyed my post.

  10. Hi Sherrah,
    thanks for checking out my blog. I’ve got to say that I like your style and humour; you’re almost as funny as me.

    • Hi “A Boy About Town” – no.. I can’t be as funny as you that would be like saying time travel is possible ^^ Tried to load up you blog, couldn’t get through today. I will try again later, thanks for stopping by!

  11. Hi Sherrah,
    Thank you for reading and liking my recent blog post. I have read two of yours;Advantages of Dating a Cougar and Sex Addiction Fact or Fantasy. I must admit that I found the topics interesting, if for no other reason than self-evaluation as I find the (female form) intriguing. I welcome the perspective of intelligent professional women as I find that men often have no real idea of what women really think. I will continue to follow your blog posts.

    • I swang by your blog too! like your post about weddings and I left a little comment for you. Thanks for your encouragement too, to be honest I can’t think of a better topic than what i try to talk about here. I have a lot of friends who only date older women, and I can also see the strong advantages in that. Dating & cougar is a great topic ^^

      Will come back to your blog again to check out more stories!!

  12. Never thought I would take such an interest in this Blog! It is great. Also great how you can find other blogs too. Keep it up!

    • Thanks so much jbking94, I’m always happy if someone enjoys any of my posts. From thought to actually doing all seems a bit random sometimes ^^ So how about your blog went for a look but couldn’t load it up? I will try again later.

  13. First, thanks for stopping by Oenophilogical and liking my post on Jacob’s Creek Riesling. Your blog is a very interesting one which, no doubt, creates quite a bit of interest. I know I enjoyed reading.

    • You have a wide range of wines on your blog, it’s quite the education in wine. I always wanted to learn more about it, but not always found the time. Thanks for taking a look at my space, it’s always great to meet my fellow bloggers!

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