Writing about women for men, is the aim of “About The Woman.” I hope to cover issues from entertainment, relationships, gadgets and anything else that comes to mind. The blog is a work in progress so please bear with me, and hold on tight – it might be a bumpy ride.

About The Woman - Roller coaster

About The Woman – Could be a bumpy ride

8 thoughts on “Blog

    • I loved your post about that bridge! Wonderful little photos on your blog I must say. I would like to get around to doing my own here too, but you know it’s not all that easy.

      I’m happy you came by to my corner of wordpress, I love the blogging community we have got going here please come by again!

    • Interesting world it is.. I just try to maniacally improve my writing, on any topic i can.

      I have already read your post about the wall of postcards, good luck with that. And thanks so much for coming to my little maniac corner of wordpress!

    • I dropped by your site, I already left a comment there. I really enjoyed the clean layout of your site, as well as the images. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your thoughts and ideas on art,

      Also thanks for coming to my little blog, not sure if my blog is witty or not ^^ but I’m just trying to make lemonade from lemons! But I hope you do like it, and welcome back again!

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