Blog U Like Winner!

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Blog U Like winner!

Thanks everyone for your great nominations for About The Woman’s my Blog U Like weekly spot.

Drum rolls, key sound effect… it was a great first week, winner of my Blog U Like is:

Cristian Mihai– Writes largely about writing itself but covers a wide area. My personal favorite post has to be 7 Golden Rules of Blogging – which I obviously read, I mean who doesn’t need a bit of advice for blogging. His blog attracts a lot of attention from readers and very enviable degree of reader input. I think we could learn something from Cristian.

To find out which of Cristian’s posts is your favorite check out the blog aptly named Cristian Mihai. I will try to follow up with a little interview, time allowing of course – Cristian does seem to be super busy.

Special thanks

I would like to finish of with a thanks to steven1111 for his nomination, which was actually my first. It takes a certain amount of courage to offer your thoughts to a new blog.

Watch out for this week’s Blog U Like I look forward to your input.

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Blog U Like 3 Days – Nominations Trickling In

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“Blog U Like” is attracting attention from all the curious people that find themselves flicking through Aboutthewoman. But if you want to be heard, or get your say in, then now is the time to do it.

The chosen blog is not restricted to any topic, but it does have to be nominated by one of the Aboutthewoman readers. On Saturday I will do a little feature about the selected blog.

Keep them coming!

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Blog U Like – Tell Me About Them

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About The Woman – lot of people

WordPress is just too big! The topics are almost as diverse, as the bloggers themselves. I would like to get to know more bloggers, and more blogs. The thing is where do I start?

So if you have a favorite blogger or blog (on wordpress), then throw us the name by leaving a comment or by emailing me at aboutthewoman@gmail. At the end of the week, I’ll nominate a blogger for our “blog u like” post on Saturday.

The “blog u like”, it’s up to you!

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