Halle Berry’s Gabriel Can’t See Kid

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Gabriel Abury’s bad luck held out today as he got squashed again, this time in the court. Gabriel had hoped to get his restraining order lifted, but the Judge refused according to TMZ. Originally he had hoped to get it lifted on the 28th but now looks more likely on the 29th.

In another twist Gabriel has referred to Halle Berry as being his ex-wife in court. The information came out in the open according to Extra after he submitted court documents on Monday. This could well be an attempt to rub salt into the wounds, as the relations between him, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez look set to sour further. See the full story at here.

This all comes days after a vicious assault that left Gabriel hospitalized. Both Gabriel and Olivier are pointing the fingers of blame at each other.

Meanwhile Christmas is coming, and it should be one to remember, for the Berry bunch.

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Halle Berry’s Men Make War Not Love

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Halle Berry’s love rival’s face off again, this time it’s a battle of words (luckily for Gaberiel). The news has broke and the pictures are out! Just in case you haven’t seen the photos, the confrontation has left Gaberiel Aubry looking like “Mr Potato Head”, meanwhile Oliver Martinez’s left hand is possibly disfigured for life, with a badly swollen left knuckle. In a haggard photo of Halle Berry she is seen leaving the hospital on Thursday, with poor Oliver Martinez’s rubbng the offending Knuckle – See Daily mail. In a tit for tat media, legal spat, both Aubry and Martinez have made public statements, leading to one set of lawyers getting a restraining order.

First of all I would like to congratulate both parties on making front page news again! And secondly for leaving a trail of lovely photos behind them. Just so that we can witness and know how retarded they really are. Although in Gaberiel’s defense he did try to hide under a shiny, fluffy blanket (I call it a comforter), after being charged with “battery over a brawl”. However the clever paparazzi saw past the ruse (rather ironically a French word) and took lots of photos of him hiding under the said comfortable looking blanket.

Allegedly it all kicked off when one party said “we are going to France to live” (understandably), along with a string of threats from the other. It’s hard to follow what really happened because according to TMZ, some of the later details were not included in the arresting statement by Aubrey

There are two nuggets of good news from this debacle. The most important, Nahla was saved from seeing the punch up, which allegdy led to her father being pounded into the drive way. The second is I had a very easy choice on what to write when I woke up this morning.

I wonder how Halle Berry is going to explain away the bruises, which are covering her daughter’s father from head to foot. But there again she is an actress. The whole story by the way has the makings of a Halle Berry film.

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Halle’s Thanksgiving Bash

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About The Woman – Halle & Ex

What’s that family tradition again? You know the one when you put a handful of family members into a small space and watch them fight? Actually it’s not a fair question because there are many answers: Christmas, weddings, funerals…. The list goes on.

Although I’ve been a bystander of family squabbles, I’ve never actually had a family event come to blows. Although my friend wasn’t so lucky when couple of his bride’s guests ended up in a woman on woman free-for-all at his wedding (I wasn’t there).However it even happens to Hollywood celebs. Even Halle Berry, who’s an extraordinary black woman, and one of the most beautiful women ever to grace the sets of Hollywood is not immune to it. At her latest thanksgiving dinner (or I should say bash), the “Ex” (aka Gaberial Aubrey) was beaten up by the new man in her life.  Apparently and don’t quote me on this  “he got the worst of what he dished out” and the LAPD were called in. The happy event ended in hospitalization, medical costs, fracture, $20,000 bail out and a terminally wounded ego – but very happy paparazzi.

Sometimes I truly wonder, what’s going on with us all? Have we truly not evolved at all, or are we just a bunch of mental patients waiting to explode? The old adage “if you fight then you have already lost” comes to mind, as the real loser here is Halle’s and her bruised Ex’s little girl, who’s just 4 years old. Really world just get a grip!