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by ElHormiguero,

AskMen, asked the world in an international poll, and it’s official Jennifer Lawrence is the most desired woman in the world. You may not actually know the name, I also had to double check, but she’s the woman who rose to fame in the The Hunger Games. Although what may have really helped her was the role in Silver Linings Playbook where she played a sex-mad young widow – doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how that might have influenced the voting.Bassil editor in chief of AskMen said “Overall, there’s a sense that she’s a little more authentic than other actors.” He also suggested because the public know so little about the 22 year old, there’s really little negative opinion out there about her. In comparison to the success of her movies to date, she’s pretty much avoided any damaging headlines in the media.

How does it work?

The results are taken from 2.4 million readers, the question is: which celebrity would they choose for a partner? Some celebs have fared better than others. Sofia Vergara of Modern Family and the universally popular Kim Kardashian saw their votes go down. Although in Kim’s case plummet would be more accurate. I have to be honest Kim is not one of my favorites either, there’s something about the woman, she is beautiful, savvy, all things that I normally like but, I don’t know. Although I can understand how she got on the list. I’m pretty sure however that she will not be phased by her 90 place drop. On a positive note stars like: Mila Kunis, model Kate Upton, R&B star Rihanna and Emma Stone all managed to make the top 5.

When asked on how men choose their most desirable celebrity partner, Bassil suggested publicity played a big role. He went on to say if celebs were getting a lot of media or headline attention it would have strong influence on men’s opinions. Conversely too many headlines can actually can leave men “looking elsewhere” – so basically he doesn’t know either.

The younger woman weren’t the only age group on the man’s mind this year, the top rankings included a number of 40 year olds. This has been a trend for the last few years apparently. Bassil said “Like most things in life, attractiveness is extending into middle age. Who knows? In 20 years we could see 60-year-olds on the list.”

The over 40s that made the list: U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, 48; comedienne Sarah Silverman, 42; actress Lucy Liu, 44; and British actress Rachel Weisz, 42.

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Blog U Like Winner!

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Blog U Like winner!

Thanks everyone for your great nominations for About The Woman’s my Blog U Like weekly spot.

Drum rolls, key sound effect… it was a great first week, winner of my Blog U Like is:

Cristian Mihai– Writes largely about writing itself but covers a wide area. My personal favorite post has to be 7 Golden Rules of Blogging – which I obviously read, I mean who doesn’t need a bit of advice for blogging. His blog attracts a lot of attention from readers and very enviable degree of reader input. I think we could learn something from Cristian.

To find out which of Cristian’s posts is your favorite check out the blog aptly named Cristian Mihai. I will try to follow up with a little interview, time allowing of course – Cristian does seem to be super busy.

Special thanks

I would like to finish of with a thanks to steven1111 for his nomination, which was actually my first. It takes a certain amount of courage to offer your thoughts to a new blog.

Watch out for this week’s Blog U Like I look forward to your input.

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Blog U Like 3 Days – Nominations Trickling In

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“Blog U Like” is attracting attention from all the curious people that find themselves flicking through Aboutthewoman. But if you want to be heard, or get your say in, then now is the time to do it.

The chosen blog is not restricted to any topic, but it does have to be nominated by one of the Aboutthewoman readers. On Saturday I will do a little feature about the selected blog.

Keep them coming!

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Its 2012’s Dictionary Words of The Year Time!

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About The Woman – woty

It’s that time of the year again, when dictionaries list all their favorite words and choose their “words of the year” (WOTY). So what are the words? For it’s  “Bluster”, for Oxford dictionaries UK it’s “onmnishambles”, and for the US Oxford dictionaries it’s “GIF”.

Why are they different?

That’s good question a good question, and I have a semi good answer. is the largest online diction on the web, and has been around since 1995. The rise of the online dictionary has been in incredible over last the decade. During that time these sites have collected lots of information from their web searches. The success is down to people like me, who are just curious about meanings, uses, definitions and spelling. Although I feel it’s important to point out, I’m more than likely responsible for half the global English spelling and grammar searches on the net. Yes my spelling and grammar is that bad! according to an interview on Huffington Post, said one reason for choosing Bluster was they liked the added dimension of weather in its meaning (as in a “Blustery day”). Experts were also consulted on the selection. Another element was the number of word enquiries for Bluster. Apparently events that might have led to the increased searches for Bluster were: bad weather, and politicians. But I think we already knew politicians were full of it, by that I mean hot air and potentially harmful, very smelly gases. Other “hot” weather words included: Tempestuous, Inclement, Intemperate and Contumacious.

US Oxford & English Oxford dictionary choose different WOTY, due to the obvious differences in language use, and popular culture. According to USA’s runner up list included the words: Superstorm, Nomophobia, Higgs boson, YOLO, MOOC and Super PAC.

Do you agree?

I’m not sure I do. Like most people I read a lot, and write more than my fair share. But I’ve never used “YOLO”, “MOOC”, super PAC or Nomophobia, I’ve never heard of a few. Why do they always seem to choose obscure things, “bluster” I get! Although I have to admit “nomophobia”, is quickly growing on me, I mean it slides of the tongue so naturally – “how’s the nomophobia thing going Bob?”

There’s no reason to feel bad if you don’t use any of these words. While writing this article I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one having problems. “Microsoft take note” – your word software doesn’t recognize: Superstorm, Nomophobia or onmnishambles. Come on Microsoft get with the times, you’re not cool!

Fun Facts

Firstly I have no idea why they Choose to release the WOTY this time of the year – perhaps it’s a pre-Christmas gift, meant to inspire us for shopping.

Nomophobia – fear of being without your phone.

Onmnishambles – a situation that’s been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations.

YOLO – you only live once; typically used as rationale or endorsement for impulsive or irresponsible behavior.

Super Pac – political action committee which may raises unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, and individuals but is not permitted to contribute to or coordinate directly with parties or candidates – (It was on the tip of my tongue honestly!).

MOOC – massive open online course; a university course offered free of charge via the internet.

Why I love online dictionaries?

Firstly I move around a lot, and suitcases of books are heavy! Secondly I love writing but being dyslexic is a real pain in the ass, so I find dictionaries awesome for my needs. And while we are on the topic, I feel the need to confess that I’ve spelt the word obvious wrong 5 times and particularly 3 times. It’s a gift and a curse!

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