Halle’s Thanksgiving Bash

About The Woman - Beautiful Black Woman

About The Woman – Halle & Ex

What’s that family tradition again? You know the one when you put a handful of family members into a small space and watch them fight? Actually it’s not a fair question because there are many answers: Christmas, weddings, funerals…. The list goes on.

Although I’ve been a bystander of family squabbles, I’ve never actually had a family event come to blows. Although my friend wasn’t so lucky when couple of his bride’s guests ended up in a woman on woman free-for-all at his wedding (I wasn’t there).However it even happens to Hollywood celebs. Even Halle Berry, who’s an extraordinary black woman, and one of the most beautiful women ever to grace the sets of Hollywood is not immune to it. At her latest thanksgiving dinner (or I should say bash), the “Ex” (aka Gaberial Aubrey) was beaten up by the new man in her life.  Apparently and don’t quote me on this  “he got the worst of what he dished out” and the LAPD were called in. The happy event ended in hospitalization, medical costs, fracture, $20,000 bail out and a terminally wounded ego – but very happy paparazzi.

Sometimes I truly wonder, what’s going on with us all? Have we truly not evolved at all, or are we just a bunch of mental patients waiting to explode? The old adage “if you fight then you have already lost” comes to mind, as the real loser here is Halle’s and her bruised Ex’s little girl, who’s just 4 years old. Really world just get a grip!

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